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The Superyacht Design Forum: two weeks to go

In two weeks’ time, the industry will gather at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour for our new consolidated design event, The Superyacht Design Forum (TSDF). After months of planning and deliberation, we have created an event which is focused, innovative and truly worth attending, and I’m truly excited to see many of you there.

We’ll tackle the most pressing design issues, as well as explore some that are seldom considered, and contemplate how best to elevate the superyacht industry and secure its future. During this inaugural event we will also look to other markets in an attempt to identify the transferable successes that we should be applying to the superyacht market in order to put some much-needed market alterations into practice.

Over the course of the two days, we will welcome world-famous experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence, who specialises in neuroscience-inspired multisensory design to explore how vibrations can have a profound effect on the human senses and why, as a result, a reduction in sound can exponentially improve the superyacht owner’s experience. Adam Grant of NEPCon will also take to the stage to tackle the raft of legislation and restrictions that are associated with rare skins, materials and stones, explaining how to purchase the precious and sometimes controversial raw materials on the right side of the law.

Jonathan Wells, Chief Design Engineer of Morgan, also presents a case study on the luxury hand-crafted British-built sports car manufacturer, and how it has, over the years, retained the allure of a classic car while developing a super car-like underbody to achieve a truly blistering performance, and a lauded marriage of heritage and modernity.

For too many years the same discussions have produced too little by way of tangible results, be it a change in practical approach or a change in attitude. This year’s TSDF mantra is ‘Action not Words’. We will set out plans for the future that can be exercised practically, not just in theory.

The Superyacht Design Forum will bring together some of the most remarkable and inspiring minds available to the global superyacht market, and I truly cannot wait to see many of you there in just a couple of weeks' time. We are calling for all those in attendance to engage and interact in order to affect some much-needed market alterations and help lay the foundations for the future of superyacht design.

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