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Superyacht Intelligence at The Superyacht Forum

The programme of The Superyacht Forum, taking place 13 – 16 November in Amsterdam, will address the future of the industry and its key dependencies for continued success -  this is a key element in the event's 10-year blueprint theme. The team at The Superyacht Intelligence Agency use comprehensive research tools and data analysis to understand what is happening in the market. With this knowledge, they have demonstrated how it has grown and developed in terms of vessels, technical complexity, volume and value. This innate understanding of the market will drive many discussions at The Superyacht Forum, ensuring that all topics have a true understanding of the current state of the market.

Having looked at the past 25 years of which The Superyacht Group has operated, we understand that the future of the superyacht industry relies on growth and innovation.  In order to ensure that the industry is constantly producing efficient results and products, it is crucial to analyse the market and identify trends. By recording the trends, products and innovative business strategies for each year, the data (pictured above) shows the dynamic shifts in the business, its developments, the evolution of the portfolio and the demands of the current customers, from the past ten years.  The market must understand different client demands and opportunities, in order to continue to grow.

In a market made up of 5,000+ yachts, 250 shipyards, 120 design studios, 1,000 individual brokers, 5,000 companies in the supply chain, another 1,500 service providers and 60,000 operational crew all relying on the desires and fantasies of multi-millionaire customers, it is important for the industry to remain focused on stability, sustainability and longevity.

By coming together to strategise, network and plan for the future, The Superyacht Forum will be where the industry can work to strategically find methods of developing the best products and business models. The event will bring the strongest of minds and create smart solutions for the future of the market. The intelligence from The Superyacht Annual Reports, and key research projects, will form the backbone of the event's programme.

With a focus for next 10 years: What changes do we expect to see by 2027 and how do we make sure that these changes are sustainable for the future of the industry? By analysing the past and present of the market, we can use this data to ensure a healthy, stable industry.

The Superyacht Forum will take place 13 – 16 November in Amsterdam, click here to secure your place.



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