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The Lumière at GSF

First revealed at this year’s SuperyachtDESIGN Week, those attending this week’s Global Superyacht Forum (held from 14 – 16 November in Amsterdam), will be able to experience the immersive cinema technology.

Torsten Steinbrecher, CEO of Genesis Marine collaborated with Van Geest Design and Barco Cinema to bring this new technology to life. Coined as the ‘next generation’ in private theatres aboard superyachts and ashore, the immersive experience will be showcased on the opening night of the Global Superyacht Forum.

A key incentive behind The Lumière Cinema is the growing trend that is user-centric, as Steinbrecher explains, “User experience is the key element in life. Nobody wants to adapt to technology. Technology needs to serve the user in the best possible way.” As Pieter Van Geest, founder of Van Geest Design reveals, ‘We aim to create that one special room on a yacht or in your home where boundaries of a small space are erased and your senses are awakened”.

So, what makes this technology so different from other cinemas currently available on the market? “The concept is very complex, we are integrating 3D sound in the highest possible quality and volume level into the RGB LED structure,” reveals Steinbrecher.

A huge draw of The Lumière Cinema is that it is completely customisable, offering maximum flexibility for owners in the design process. “Space is very limited in private theatres. It takes a lot of experience, engineering power and resources to create such an experience. It’s all about partnership and working hand in hand to create amazing experiences.”

What is the future of this technology in the market? Highest possible quality, highest grade of integration and flexibility. Services are key today, more than ever. We will see very, very mature systems, with a lot of attention to detail.” Don’t miss this immersive cinema experience and hear from the Genesis Marine team at the Global Superyacht Forum this evening.

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14 Nov 2016

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